January 26, 2009

Blissdom '09

The magazine I write for is having a big shin dig. I can't go - this is right smack dab in the middle of a crazy time in my biz. I've gotten some questions about what to wear to this dealio. Here is how I responded to a gal who asked for my advice:


First, let’s look at the weather in Nashville. I
just got home from N’ville, and it was 60 the day I got there, and 30 the day I
left. That is a HUGE temp. difference that requires different
wardrobes. The 10 day in Nashville shows highs in the 30-40’s, and lows in
the 20-30’s. Meeting rooms are COLD.

Then, consider
what wrinkles easily – at these things, you’re sitting A LOT (sitting =
wrinkles). Think of outfits like this (for example):

day1 – arrive
Evening day 1

Day 2 – day
Day 2 –

Day 3 – travel

You’ll want to freshen up what
you wear for each of these “events”.

I wish you lived closer to me
so I could give you some accessories, or let you borrow some

Outfits – make sure your shoes are really comfortable.
Most conventions require a lot of walking…and standing.

I noticed
in your video, the one cami you ‘hiked’ up, RED FLAG! Either alter the
straps so that you don’t feel that you need to do that, or layer another tank
under it (for modesty’s sake).

Since your ‘online’ persona is in
ministry, there is an idea everyone has of who you are and what you should look
like. For the sake of example, think this way…you are you – you show up at
this shindig wearing fishnet hose, a short skirt, 4” heels and a bustier and
bright red lipstick…something doesn’t match!

Day 1 - I’d
love to see you in a skirt. Something a-line, dark in color…with
boots. For your body shape, the a-line skirt (that hits right below your
knee cap) would be PERFECT. That with a white blouse – if you have one
that has some kind of unique detail to it, maybe some ruffles or something like
that. You can finish this with a belt (not the kind that comes with pants,
but something with color…like bright red). You can accessorize with layers
of different necklaces – maybe some pearls, chains etc.

Day 1
evening - Then, take your white shirt – and pair it with the perfect fitting
jean or slack (for a more casual evening thing). You can dress this up by
putting your black sweater over the top – and finish with the red belt.
With belts, you will want to wear higher on your back, and sling lower to your
belly…kind of at an angle…creates an optical illusion of a tiny waist.
With this look, I would ground it all with a leopard (or zebra) printed
flat. Something interesting since you outfit is all ‘flat’ in terms of

OK, then, day 2 – take your slacks and white blouse and add a
vest – you can use a tank top as a vest – really, anything that is sleeveless
can be a vest over a blouse. For example, let’s say you have some kind of
sweater vest that is multi colored…do that over the white blouse. Finish
with a scarf – the skinny longer new trendy kind (that are on sale everywhere).
Wear your collar wide open, with the scarf as your necklace. If the vest
is a solid, make the scarf multicolored.

Day 2 evening, bring back
that skirt and boots (do you have cowboy boots? It is Nashville! I
wore mine a few times this week, and this is THE ON LY time I’ve ever worn my
cowboy boots…but I wore them with pearls, so that was OK!). Add a simple
white tee-shirt and a jean jacket. Bring in that colorful scarf, but don’t
tie it…just drape it aground the jacket collar.

Day 3 – travel –
bring back your pants and white tee, throw on the sweater from Day 1 evening and
some of the jewelry from Day 1 day with flats. Perfect comfortable travel

HINTS – bring a Tide stick ‘just in case’…and some Wrinkle
Release – works good for odors as well as wrinkles.

You should
think about always wearing a v-neck…even if you wear a crew neck top, create a
‘v’ with jewelry or something.

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