January 26, 2009

fun with my girls

in this pic, L-R - Cindy P, Me, Carol Anderson (designer), Tracey B, Michelle P, Sarah Y (in the front)

In this shot, we're at our big dinner - the tall blond in the middle is the amazing designer we all work with. She has been in the industry for well over 30 years. If you know anything about fashion or the apparel industry, then you know the average life of a designer in LA is something like 3 years. Well, Carol has been doing it successfully for 30 YEARS! Her very first order was from Nordstrom - can you believe it? I know there are several indy designers that read my blog...so you will appreciate how HUGE that is! Her relationship with Nordies grew, and she took her collection to Nieman Marcus etc. She had several of her pieces featured on the cover of the Nordstrom catalogs, with double trunk ads over the years (for those non-industry types, this is a big deal).

To know Carol is to see a completely humble person with an amazing talent. She and her husband have grown the business with a 'cash only' philosophy - making it incredibly stable in economic hard times (like we're seeing right now). Can you imagine manufacturing millions of garments, shipping millions of garments, warehousing millions of garments, having a staff of hundreds...and doing it 'cash only' (in other words, 100% debt free!)? AMAZING. I think I want to grow up to be Carol!

I think of Carol as a rock star. I've been in her company several times, and always feel myself getting tongue tied and all hot and nervous. If you know me, that is really odd! She is the real deal. On so many levels, she is honestly THE REAL DEAL.

I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work for this company. I don't ever want to take it for granted, and try very hard to preserve the integrity that is built into the foundation of the company. The gals I work with at this amazing company are a big reason why I love it so much. (of course, I do love the clients too!) I only get to really spend time and be with these girls 2 times a year. We all work for the same designer, so when we get together to launch new collections - there is a risk of a little "going crazy". We all get along so well - I wish we all lived closer together so we could hang out more!

This photo is one of me and my girlfriend Tracey. We met each other a hundred years ago when we worked for 'another apparel company'. It's all her fault that I am sitting here, doing what I am doing today. I call her one of my 'inside circle' friends. One of those people I tell all the life stuff to. We've been through it together over the years...she has always supported me (regardless of what other people might say - she loves me (and my hubby) and been one of my loudest cheerleaders.

I don't think I have any head to toe photos of my outfit, I was too engrossed in drinking champagne and spending time with my friends...I will say that my outfit was stinkin' cute (if I do say so myself). A flirty short Betsy Johnson skirt, Black turtleneck (yes, this is one of my winter staples), multiple strands of pink pearls (by Ali Oesch), a butter soft black Doncaster leather jacket (love love this rocker chic jacket!), and Luechese cowboy boots.

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Val Sheppard said...

Kathy, love that jacket. You know my samples are now 75% off if you're looking for anymore beautiful clothes, until 1/31/09.