January 26, 2009

How to Look Good in Pictures


Be careful of anything patterned, especially stripes. They can take on a life of their own in a photo. You will notice in this photo, the model has a printed top on, but it is a very subtle print. This works.

If you have light hair, wear something dark…light colors (with all the light at the shoot) might make you look washed out

Double up on your makeup – specifically your foundation. I’ve learned from doing fashion segments on TV, that my skin needs dimension. Although you might feel like a circus clown, on TV (or in a photo), you’ll look great! Truth is – you will be back lit, front lit, side lit…all of that light will wash you out (and can make your skin look – well, odd). So, double layers of foundation – lots-o-powder (shine is bad in photos), don't be scared of eyeliner.

Think about what you would wear on a date night. That is what you should wear. Don't wear something you wouldn't normally wear – you'll feel self conscious, and it will reflect in the photos. For example, if you never wear skirts / dresses…DO NOT do the LBD thing.

Think about the reason you are getting your picture taken. Your job, blog, (whatever) has a personality – and that personality should be presented in the photo. Especially if you are getting your picture taken to post online (blog for example), you don’t want to freak out your readers by being photographed in a way that is completely contradictory from the tone of your blog/job.

For example, if you are a banker, you don’t want to be photographed in a sun dress and a market hat. Likewise, if your blog has a cutting edge tone, covering edgy topics, and your writing style is ‘anything goes’ – you won’t want to be photographed wearing a stuffy pin striped business suit.

If you've got great curly hair – make that your statement! I have a friend who is a photographer, and she has this big curly red hair – it is her 'thing'…it's awesome. If your hair is straight – spray on a little shine. Remember in the picture, (especially if it is a head type shot), we’re going to see a lot of your hair.

Clothing…stay away from anything baggy – or even anything with an empire waist or baby-doll style. On camera, you can't tell that it is 'the flow' of the garment, it just adds bulk (which is code for it will make you look fat).

Glasses – if you wear glasses, be sure the photographer is especially careful of glare. Clean them, and wear a TON of eyeliner (so we can see your eyes through the glasses)


Photos courtest of Cathy Dietz Photography

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