January 25, 2009

more what I wore

Then I had more meetings to go to. These meetings were focused on the fashion industry - what the trends are, where the apparel / retail industry ended up at the close of last season, where we see things heading in the future, what the customer buying trends are. All that good stuff...I know, riveting.

I think there is a common stereotype that when someone says "I work in the fashion industry" - you instantly think "wow, fun, playing dress up and shopping all the time".

That is fair...

But, there really is a lot of science involved. Personally, I love facts and figures, I really get into buying trends, what the mean, what story they are telling us about the landscape of the American people at any given moment in history. Maybe I am a borderline geek in 4" stilettos.

Anyway, back to the point...to this meeting (which if you haven't figured it out, is my favorite of the entire week) - this is what I wore:

I wanted that professional "I take my business very seriously, but I am stylishly chic too" look.

I am wearing Via Spiga boots, Spanx tights (duh!), M641 top an a black pencil skirt by a private label designer. And for the record, the way the sun is highlighting my hips is ever so flattering (NOT!)

I finished the look by carrying my super cute vintage Lewis Kelly handbag, and draping a vintage-esque charcoal grey shawl over my shoulders (the meeting rooms can be really cold)

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jenny from mommin' it up! said...

You look awesome Kathy! Love M641, love the whole look!