January 26, 2009

QUESTION: I Need to Look AMAZING in a photo!

I have a lot of "friends" on Twitter. I got a message today from one of my friends who is asking for help with a photo shoot.

Kinsey Schofield hails from Arizona, and was one of the faces of E!'s Party Monsters Cabo. In real life, she is a marketing specialist / publist and event planner.

Kinsey is having head shots taken for her new website / blog. She is stressing over what to wear...here are some thoughts I had for her:


First, you are stinkin’ adorable – so you can get away with wearing about ANYTHING you want! Just remember, if you want to attract clients for all ages and backgrounds, it is best to error on the side of conservative rather than too fun…

Let’s think of the image of your website – what your fans ‘think’ you should look like. I know I’ve said this a million times, but it is so important.

For you – (my opinion, because I can’t watch enough E!) is that you are fun/sophisticated. You don’t want to have your photo taken with an Easter bonnet and plaid jumper. Likewise, too much skin in photos (especially head type shots) can be misinterpreted (unless that is your persona…for example, Bridget Marquardt would want to show skin).

Anyway – you have dark hair – avoid anything dark – you want to be able to see your hair against whatever you wear.

Extra makeup – like 2 layers of foundation. Photo lighting can do horrible things to your skin…extra foundation – powder often, lots-o-eyeliner and lip product (duh!)

No pattern, many times in photos, patterns can take on a life of their own, and that is all you see in the shot.

Be careful of style (i.e. turtlenecks are uncomfortable to look at in the heat of the summer, and skinny strap tanks not so year-round friendly)

I’d love to see you in 2 different looks. One young and fun…but still sophisticated and professional…and the other more all business.

For example:
White ruffle blouse – or maybe red. I would love to see you in some color – even a hot pink or maybe orange. What colors is your new site built around? If you notice, on my blog – I am wearing a black jacekt, and in my website - it is a hot pink jacket –that isn’t a coincidence.

So, a blouse / top – with an open v-neck. Do this with jeans and some kind of killer ridiculous heel. Finish with a long (maybe chandelier style) earring and strands of crazy necklaces, I am thinking of the kind with keys or crosses. The juxtaposition of the denim (hard) with the overtly feminine (soft) floaty top grounded with a fun heel I think would be super duper!

Another idea (if you want to go skirt / dress). I think a stunning suit would be you in a pale color. (I am seeing a sea shell pink color) with very nude makeup but a lot of eye (heavy eyeliner). Shorter skirt, fitted jacket…the shot might be with you sitting, your knees together, but your feet wide (if that makes sense) with your elbow on your knee, chin in hand. Have some kind of statement piece of jewelry on that hand – bold charm bracelet or something like that.

If you need more help, let me know!

GOOD LUCK, and I can't wait to see the photos!!!


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