January 24, 2009

What I wear to a fashion show...and a review of sorts

This BY FAR is my favorite outfit I have worn (or will wear) this week. I had a fashion show in the morning and meetings in the afternoon... this was PERFECT!

WHY I LIKE THIS LOOKMy style can be defined as Romantic - I love feminine details, ruffles, bows, collars that frame the face, interesting sleeve detail - I love anything with unexpected details. This outfit combines so many aspects of the things I love.

The pants are an ankle stretch pant that have a seam down the front. The seam is so figure flattering - elongating the leg, slimming.

The top is from one of my favorite designers, Madras 641. The details of this shirt are something you need to see up close. The fit is very slimming, bringing all the attention to the small of the waist and up to the face. I LOVE the collar - so chic. Little details in the snaps, hem, and textures of fabric make this one of my favorite looks.

I think the thing I like the most about this piece is that it will work for so many ladies. I am an adult - dangerously close to 40 - I don't want to look like a 20 year old, but on the same hand - I don't want to dress like a 65 year old. This style is something you can accessorize and stylize to work for your lifestyle and comfort zone. I added layers of black beads and black pearls, a black patented leather belt and grounded the whole thing with a (similar color) Stuart Weitzman ankle shoe.