May 19, 2009

Q&A on linen


This spring I've decided to delve into the world of linen...with my iron handy, of course. Linen jackets, linen tops and pants and skirts. But...I have it in my head that it would be less than stylish or an offense to texture to pair cotton knit tops with the woven linen. Is there a general "guideline" about what to wear with the more textured wovens like linen? I wear cotton knit tops with jeans and never think twice about it. But this seems different...Thanks.

Texturally Challenged

Dear Text,

Live on the edge! Texture (and mixing it) is what IS stylish, and what IS in fashion. The most fashion forward amongst us will mix cotton, silk, tweed, linen and throw in some boucle` just for fun. Come to think of it, I don't know what else I would wear with linen other than linen. My favorite black linen pants and w white tee is one of my favorite summer outfits.

Having said that, there is a school of thought that says natural fabrics work best when paired with other natural fabrics. And ya know, I don't ever iron my linen. I might spray it with Wrinkle Release, but that's it. Actually, the more Wrinkle Release I use, the better the linen pants look...probably has something to do with coating the fibers.

Anyway, congrats on entering the world of linen! Hope you have a fashionable summer!


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