June 30, 2011

The Camping Adventure begins!

I've spent most of the day preparing for our big camping weekend.  To answer some of your questions...

  • No - we're not camping in a tent, it is like a pop-up thing
  • My food plan?  Pretty simple...lots of Starbucks Via and junk food - see the pic?  Those are 2 bags of junk food (and other necessities)
  • No, I don't plan on hiking, I plan on heading to the beach
  • Yes, I have my old flip flops and my ear buds packed!
  • Bug spray - check!  See the colorful plastic container in the bottom left of the picture?  That is full of bug spray and sunscreen.  We're covered, or - will be, literally! 
Love all of your advice, keep it coming!  I can't really unplug ALL weekend, I'll have my IPhone, so I'll be posting pics and quips all weekend.  Your encouragement is welcome!

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