July 17, 2011

The Compliment Challenge - day 18

Meet my beautiful friend Michelle

She is an author, mom, a pastor-wife, a friend.  An amazing woman with a giant heart for God's Will.  Many times, God's wisdom has come to me through Michelle.  She has a genuine appreciation for the talents of others, and a caring spirit that my words can not to justice in explaining. She and her husband are world-changers.  Literally.  The work and seeds they have planted in India are amazing.  What they are allowing God to do through their family is pretty remarkable.

She co-authored a book called Share The Well with her husband.  So yes...she is smart too!

Michelle has the most amazing relaxed style.  She doesn't think she has the fashion-gene...but she does. She is a natural beauty whose smile can light up a room. She has the kind of blonde hair that women pay thousands of dollars to try to get (not mentioning any names...just sayin').

Her unassuming fabulousness is contagious.  When you meet her, you're note sure what it is, but you know you want it!

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