July 21, 2011

The Compliment Challenge - day 22

Meet my beautiful friend, Chellie

In the interest of full disclosure, Chell isn't my friend...well, I mean she IS a friend - but she is my cousin. We are the same age, and grew up together.  Let me formally apologize to Chell for the trips we made to Florida to see our grandparents when I was just a little boy crazy.  OK, a lot boy crazy!  Oi!

Chell has such a heart for injustice.  What makes her so beautiful is that she took a horrible thing that happened in her life, and has turned it around and been able to use that situation for good.  Not everyone can do that...most can't.  She works for the Special Victim's unit that is part of the prosecutor's office. Her day-to-day work is life changing. What she does has a real impact not only in our community, but in the lives of so many women and children. It's a big deal.

I admire her for so many things. 

Chell has a smile that will put you in a good mood on the worse day.  The way she loves her family is truly inspirational. And, she is so pretty...if you look up the word in the dictionary - there you would see Chellie...a true beauty, inside and out.

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