July 22, 2011

The Compliment Challenge - day 23

Meet my beautiful friend, Amy

Amy is a superstar.  She is something of a big deal.  It would be very easy to become jealous of Amy's success, the way she has expertly been able to manage career and family, her remarkable ability to say 'no', her talents as a Mom,  her business accomplishments, and can I just mention her creative talent?  Whew!  All that, packaged into this little petite bundle of energy known as my friend, Amy.

Amy has a natural talent for finding those great Goodwill pieces that are amazing.  She is one of those Moms who always looks great, completely pulled together...and the rest of us wonder how she does it.  Amy epitomizes what I try to tell women every day...you need to care about yourself, it is OK to take time for yourself...it is OK to look nice every day! 

Amy is one of those beauties that draws you in.  You might see her across the room and wonder what she is laughing about (and she laughs a lot)...she has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, and the most beautiful perfect complexion. Honestly - since we're all friends here, if I didn't know Amy, I probably wouldn't believe she was for real. 

The word 'beautiful' really is Amy...in her appearance, her personality, her grace, the way loves her family, her work and how she loves her friends.


Amy said...

Oh, my eyes are welling up! You are such a wonderful friend, Kathy! Thank you for this- can't tell you how much I needed that today. I am loving your Compliment Challenge and love your heart! xoxo

Carrie W. said...

As one of those moms and women lucky enough to know Amy personally, I have to say, Kathy, that you nailed it on the head. We are all so fortunate and blessed to have remarkable Amy in our lives! She is beautiful both on the inside and out.

HoosierHomemade said...

I couldn't have said it better myself! Love Amy!!