July 23, 2011

The Compliment Challenge - day 24

Meet my beautiful friend, Vanessa!

Vanessa and I met through a project I did with her Dad's company a million years ago.  We became fast friends (even tho she is the same age as one of my step-daughters!)...and bonded over fashion.

I honestly have struggled with this post on the beauteous Nessa...which is why you see it here toward the end of the Challenge. I knew I would have a lot to say, so have tried to bring my thoughts into some organization.

I am so very proud of her.  She took a chance and followed her dream to open a boutique...that is a great place to shop (by the way!).  Vanessa is incredibly smart.  She is one of the most thoughtful, thought-filled people you will ever meet.  She is kind, grateful, gracious.  She has amazing artistic talent.

Vanessa was one of the most beautiful brides I have ever EVER seen.  I have also seen her when she is a hot mess (literally!), and she was just as beautiful.  She strives to follow Christ in all that she does, and credits all of her success to Him.

She is real.  She loves her family.  One of the joys I have is watching her posts on Facebook when she talks about a family day with her parents on the beach...or date night with her (just as amazing) husband, Steven.

She is a loyal friend.  She just won't compromise success over relationships.  I love that about her.  This is something that I believe has contributed to her store's success.

Vanessa is one of the MOST beautiful women.  She has that look so many of would (and have!) pay a TON of money to be like.  She has perfectly natural beautiful blonde (curly -HELLO!) hair, and the prettiest blue eyes.  She is another one of those women who has a peaches and cream complexion...and you can't stop staring at it...searching for a pore - any pore.

Of course she has a knack for style.  I mean, common!  That is what bonded us together so many years ago.  Her closet is like a place the angels go when they need the perfect dress for a night out (maybe a little dramatic...).  Her style is the top of feminine glam, and I credit her for helping me out of my "jeans and a jacket" slump years ago.

...and that is my beautiful friend, Vanessa!

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