July 2, 2011

The Compliment Challenge - day 3

Meet my beautiful friend, Lisa.

Lisa is one of my long-distance friends.  And, in the spirit of complete transparency and honesty...I've never met her in person. I "met" her through the adoption process - she too has a child from Irkutsk, Russia (the same place our daughter is from).

There is so much I love about Lisa...one being that she and I are so different, but exactly the same. She is the age of one of my step-daughters (gulp! Someone get the wrinkle cream, stat!).  I know that if we lived closer, she would be one of those people I would need NEED to talk to every single day...and goodness help us, because it would be like the Super Bowl of sarcasm!

As you can clearly see, Lisa is a true beauty.  She doesn't need layers of makeup for her natural glow to shine (kinda hate her for that...in a very loving way...remember what I said about sarcasm?).  She has an amazing figure, and has a passion for working out that I will never have.  I tried once, and failed miserably!

I love that she works hard, very hard, at everything in her life.  She is the Mom to 3 young boys, and things. are. hard. My heart breaks

I love her heart for the Lord.  I love her commitment to, well, everything! I admire her tenacity. Lisa is one beautifully amazing woman!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Well crap Kathy, compliments are suppose to make me cry. I LOVE LOVE LOVE you back. I WISH WISH WISH we lived closer-the sarcasm would be AWESOME, it is SOOOOOOOOOOOO wasted around here. ;)

Love you my friend! =) You're precious.